The Rules

  1. At least one blog post a week. Weeks will be defined as starting and ending Monday morning at 0600 PST.
  2. You’re welcome to post more than once in any given week but it doesn’t count for the next week.
  3. If you miss a post you owe the beer pool $5.
  4. When there is enough money in the pool we go out for beer. Beer is funded by the beer pool and we split the rest of the cost.
  5. You’re allowed to blog about this event as your first post.
  6. Any topic or length of blog post is acceptable. If it’s obviously filler we may laugh at you but it still counts.
  7. You’re allowed to leave the event at any time by notifying me. You still owe money for any weeks prior to the week in which you tell me you’re leaving.
  8. There is no set end date.
  9. You can, at any point, decide to quit totally, zero out your balance, and give up the right to attend any future drinkups.
  10. If, at any point, your balance hits $30 I will assume you have invoked the previous rule.
  11. You can either pay gleitz in person or via online mechanisms.

It’s fun and you should join.